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Trusted mentorship is a valuable tool for any business owner. Let us help make it easy for you.
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Mentorship in Your Inbox

Business growth can be tricky. What do you need to help your company grow? Find out how, and more information straight to your inbox! Plus you can be the first to know when American Fathers book releases in print!

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American Fathers

Read the inspirational tale of Sasha’s startup journey as he seeks business advice from his biological father. Sasha learns what it means to be an entrepreneur in a capitalist society while building a solid business.

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Experienced entrepreneurs need more support. Business consultation, profit projections and cash flow forecasts, or even getting your company ready to sell can be daunting if you don’t have the right tools.

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Ready to move beyond planning? Get real, actionable advice to help drive your business forward with information for entrepreneurs, links you can’t miss and helpful hints.

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